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1. What is the weight of the desk?

The weight of the desk is 29 kg.

2. How can I get the desk?

We send you a table immediately after ordering by Nova Poshata to your home, office or the nearest branch of Nova Poshta. The shipping is free.

3. Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do.

4. Where can I look at the desks and test them?

You can have a look and test STIYSTIL desks in the following locations:
1. Startup Depot (Lviv)
2. ITEA Hub (Lviv)
3. SPALAH (Kharkiv and Dnipro)
4. SPACE HUB (Dnipro)
5. Terminal 42 (Odesa)
6. HUB 4.0 (Kyiv)
7. Часопис (Kyiv)
8. Епіцентр (Кyiv, Polyarna str. 20D)

5. How to install the desk?

It comes fully assembled, ready to use right out of the box. Put it on your table. There's a short instructions on the box.

6. What is the weight limit?

Recommended weight up to 15 kg (max 50 kg)

7. What are the dimensions of the desk? What can I put on it?

The width of the surface 96 cm - enough for two 24" monitors. Two-level structure: the upper part for displays, the lower for keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet or laptop. The monitor is located at the eye level.

8. What should be size of the table under STIYSTIL desk?

The size should be 90 cm length and 70 cm width

9. Is the desk stable when you switch positions with laptops on it?

Yes, the desk is quite massive and therefore stable when you switch positions.

10. What accessories do you recommend to use together with the desk?

Standing desk anti-fatigue mat, velcro cable ties and cup mat

11. Does the STIYSTIL work for people who are very tall?

Yes, we have customers of different height. You can also adjust your monitor to have it at the eye level.

12. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer group order discounts.

13. Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, there's a one year warranty.

14. Can I return the desk?

Yes, you can return the desk within 21 days from the date of order. Customized desk tops are not refundable.

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